Virginia Homeschool Proof of Progress Evaluations

with Malia Phelps Waller

 the Virginia law


§ 22.1-254.1(C) of the Virginia Code states:

“The parent who elects to provide home instruction shall provide the division superintendent by August 1 following the school year in which the child has received home instruction with either(i) evidence that the child has attained a composite score in or above the fourth stanine (23rd percentile) on ANY nationally normed standardized achievement test or(ii) an evaluation or assessment which the division superintendent determines indicates that the child is achieving an adequate level of educational growth and progress.”



 what does this mean for my family?


If you have submitted your Notice of Intent to Homeschool you need to submit proof of progress through either a standardized test or evaluation to your school district by      August 1, 2024. 


Homeschool statute in Virginia requires that you submit proof of progress to your school system to anyone who is age 6 by September 30 of  that school year  by August 1 every year. 


Simply said, if your child was 6 on September 30, 2023 then proof of progress should be submitted for them.


If you are just getting started homeschooling or returning to homeschooling you must submit your notice of intent to homeschool by August 15.

Evaluations are a wonderful option for children with test anxiety, special needs learners, and unschoolers.




what happens during an evaluation meeting?


All of my evaluations are done portfolio style. 


Nothing overwhelming here though. I provide each family with a guided portfolio form to fill out a week before our scheduled meeting. It walks through all areas of learning, hobbies, favorite books and more. Fill out as much, or as little as you’d like, and only what applies to your family. The required subjects that we discuss are Math and Reading. 


There are no wrong answers just reminders and opportunities to share the accomplishments, big wins and fun you’ve had along the way.


During our meeting time we will walk through the information in the portfolio or if you prefer you can show me things in person or on video as we chat. 


Think of the process as a laid-back coffee chat with your best friend. I’m really in it to hear about your child’s favorite field trip, see their favorite Lego build or even play their favorite game if we’re together IRL. 


There have been some updates to my pricing structure in 2024. 

Virtual Evaluations $50

In Person Evaluations $90

 Upgrade to a full report style package for $25 more and in addition to your regular proof of progress letter to submit to your County you will receive a full report of your year PLUS resources and connections that I think your family will love in the coming year.

want more details on all the options?

grab my proof of progress masterclass

ready to book your  evaluation meeting?

Fairfax, Virginia In-Person Meeting ($90-$115)
Virtual Meeting ($50-$75)
**A $30 deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your spot**

If you have questions or need more support contact me at [email protected] or schedule a complimentary coffee chat today