Mid-Year Check In For Your Neurodiverse Homeschool

evaluation homeschool Mar 07, 2023

The middle of the year can be a great time to check in with your homeschooling plan. It’s an ideal time to assess what has been working, and make any necessary changes so that you can finish out the school year on a positive note. If you have neurodivergent children, this check-in is even more important since different strategies are often needed to help these kids learn best. Here are some tips for doing a mid-year check-in when homeschooling neurodivergent kids. 

Assess Progress 

The first step in any mid-year check-in is to assess where your child is currently in their academic plan. This assessment doesn’t have to be overly formal or even involve tests or grades – it can simply be an informal check on where you are in your plan or curriculum and if your children are able, a discussion with your child about how they are feeling about their progress this year. Ask them which subjects they feel comfortable with, and which ones they feel need more attention or that they feel like they want to explore more of. You should also take some time to assess how your child is responding emotionally and socially to their homeschooling – it's important that all areas of development are taken into account when planning an appropriate homeschooling program for them. 


Once you have done an assessment, it’s time to start making changes if necessary. Adaptations can mean anything from changing up the curriculum and materials being used, to adapting the way lessons are taught, to changing the pacing of the school day or year altogether. Make sure you get input not only from yourself but also from your child - they may have ideas on what would work best for them and their learning style that you hadn't thought of before! It's also important that any adaptations you make are documented so that you can refer back to them later on if needed. 

There are a few options when it comes to making notes of the adaptations that you are going to try. If you are using an open-and-go style curriculum you can make notes right there in the book. I personally like to document the dates and any accommodations used right in my child's curriculum.  If you aren't using an open-and-go curriculum you may choose to document notes in a notebook or your homeschool planner. If you prefer digital notes Trello is a great option for keeping track of your homeschool days.

Support & Celebrate

Finally, don’t forget about your support system! You don't have to go through this alone - there are plenty of resources available for homeschoolers who need extra support (or just want additional guidance). Reach out to other parents who homeschool neurodiverse kids or join our online community specifically designed for supporting your high-energy learner; access webinars from experienced homeschoolers; or find a local support group near you if possible. Having people who understand what you're going through can make all the difference in succeeding in homeschooling neurodiverse children!  

Homeschooling neurodiverse kids does not need to be overwhelming - taking regular breaks throughout the year like this mid-year check-in helps ensure everyone stays on track and continues making progress toward their educational goals. Assessing where your child is academically and making adaptations as needed will help keep things running smoothly while having a strong support system will give you peace of mind knowing you're not alone during this journey! With all these tips in mind, now is the perfect time for a mid-year check-in with your homeschool program!

Good luck!

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